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Security Systems

Partnered with sister company Alpha Security Midwest, Weather Metrics can provide security surveillance systems to fit almost any budget. Our cameras are 100% digital, HD-quality with multiple lenses and 3 megapixel resolution. Multiple cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors, and all of our cameras contain a user-friendly video management system that is accessed through a standard web browser included at no additional cost. High temperature range, weatherproof cameras are perfectly suited for parking facilities, construction sites, and other wide-area facilities, and the detailed zooming capabilities on all cameras make them ideal for retail locations.

Single/Dual Lens Camera — Outdoor Mount

FixDome camera featuring exchangeable lenses from tele- to wide-angle for 180-degree views. Weatherproof video and still frame camera with zoom capabilities for license plate capture and automatic day/night vision sensors.

Single/Double 360 Camera

High-resolution, motion sensor cameras with 3 megapixel software for 360-degree images and detached video storage and management.

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