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Live Internet Weather

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Internet Weather data can be added to your station’s web page — LIVE!

Weather Metrics’ software can help you expand your station’s weather commitment to a whole new format and audience.

Increase Frequency

Adding current, local weather information to your Home Page will boost the frequency of visitors to your site — increasing station brand recognition, advertiser revenue and sponsorship opportunities.

Increase Awareness

Data can be customized for presentation on the Internet or consistent with the station’s broadcast graphic style.

Increase Viewers

Adding Internet Weather data not only brings more visitors to your site, it keeps them there. The weather information is part of your station’s Home Page, not a link taking viewers to another website.

Internet Weather capabilities are included in your CityWeather.Net software package. The software program provides Internet users access to local and national weather information, including temperature, wind speed, rainfall, humidity, wind chill, etc., from any location in Weather Metrics’ network. The information is categorized by time: Yesterday, Today and Current conditions.

The Internet is one of the most popular and comprehensive sources for weather information. Capture that far-reaching audience for your station and advertisers by utilizing Internet Weather data on your homepage.

What is Needed

We supply you with the sample code, data feeds and instructions on how to display the data on your web page. You are just a few small steps away from a great new revenue source!