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By Peter Levy, President Weather Metrics

Can LIVE Streaming Video Benefit a Local Broadcast Station?

Based out of Silicon Valley, Ooyala is a privately held company that tracks online viewer engagement across all devices. Their September 2012 Video Index showed that the time people spend on their tablets watching live streaming video had risen dramatically– about 123% in Q2* alone!

But what exactly does that mean? Can live streaming video benefit a local broadcast station? The answer is a resounding YES. Live streaming video creates a number of benefits to any web or mobile site including increased traffic and page views, a heightened sense of urgency, enhanced branding opportunities and, most importantly, the ability to generate new advertising revenue.

A station can increase traditional revenue through additional advertising and interactive sponsorships on-air and on the web. The number of people watching streaming video on their desktops, tablets and smartphones is increasing daily. This ever growing number of viewers creates a new revenue stream for stations and captive audience for advertisers.

StreamVision was designed to deliver non-branded, high quality, streaming camera video. It is common for stations to create custom landing pages for advertisers that feature streaming video of their location or sell banner space around existing video. StreamVision encourages each station to customize the page around the streaming video to meet the needs of their advertisers and generate new station revenue.

A WeatherVision camera network with StreamVision is a straightforward way to deliver LIVE broadcast quality video from around the community to viewers’ desktops, smartphones or tablets. With WeatherVision, stations pick the on-air locations around the community that mean the most to their viewers. The StreamVision feature transforms that same video used throughout the newscast into a 24/7 live video feed ready to be viewed online or mobile devices. Implementing streaming video is fast and easy. Code is provided to the web developer that can be used immediately to embed the video and viewed right away.

The same live streaming video featured on the station’s website can be embedded in multiple websites including the sponsor or advertiser’s site as well as the site locations. WCAU, WNBC and WPIX all use live streaming video from the ski resorts in the Pocono Mountains on their newscasts and on station’s websites. The Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau also features the same live stream on their website. As a result of station/sponsor collaboration with live streaming video, the Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau saw a 25% increase in web traffic! The first station to offer unique opportunities, such as streaming video forms a stronger relationship with sponsors and viewers and becomes the true thought leader in the market.

Increased traffic is one of the top priorities of all websites. StreamVision was created to help local broadcast stations increase the number of viewers to the website and retain viewers longer. Streaming video will do both by bringing constantly changing content to the station’s site that is unique and interesting. Live streaming video adds a sense of urgency and creates a “fear of missing out”. The very nature of the word ‘live’ indicates that what viewers are seeing will only happen once. If they are not there watching the first time they run the risk of missing out on something. StreamVision’s live video creates a sense of urgency that translates into longer page views and a decreased bounce rate.

Obviously the vast range of the internet reaches a much larger audience beyond that of the broadcast signal. Streaming live video delivers content to viewers beyond the traditional broadcast boundaries on any PC or mobile device.

Streaming video lets the station stand out in their market and extends the station’s branding with constantly changing, dynamic content. StreamVision brings exciting live video from around town to web visitors that is unique to the station. In addition to the video streams from around the DMA StreamVision can provide unique short-term event video. Stream live video from fairs, concert venues, ski parks and much more. WeatherVision cameras can be set up and on the web in less than 24 hours, delivering video from new locations.

WeatherVision camera networks with StreamVision are one of the revenue enhancing solutions provided by Weather Metrics. For over 14 years Weather Metrics has helped local television stations build networks of strategically placed, HD cameras to enhance the viewer experience and generate new revenue.

Today, as the #1 leader in IP based, HD camera systems, Weather Metrics helps more television stations deliver engaging LIVE and local video for on-air and online viewing than any other company.