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TAB Show, Aug 7th - 8th

Excellence in Journalism - Booth 601

Stop by booth 601 during the show next week and see how Weather Metrics helps more television stations deliver live and local video from around their viewing area in more ways than any other company! Peter will be on hand to show how each product has been designed to help stations enhance the viewer experience, strengthen station branding and generate new, non-traditional revenue.


WeatherVision™ – WeatherVision is the only remote location camera system designed specifically for local stations looking to enhance their local news experience through dynamic live, clip, and time lapse video while generating incremental sponsorship revenue.

WeatherVision Data™ – Adding weather sensors to your WeatherVision camera network allows you to incorporate live weather information into your live, clip and time lapse videos. Engage viewers with real-time weather information from their neighborhood while strengthening your reputation as the local weather authority.

StreamVision™ – WeatherVision camera network with StreamVision is the latest way to elevate the viewer experience by bringing LIVE broadcast quality video from around the community to the viewers on their computer, Smartphone or tablet.