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A profitable partnership

The Poconos Mountain Visitors Bureau partnered with WNBC, WCBS, WCAU, WPIX and WFMZ in New York Philadelphia to create a multi-ski resort and multi-television station network of cameras.

The ski resorts built a network of WeatherVision HD video cameras that stream video from the mountain location to each resort’s website. The television stations have WeatherVision HD video servers allowing them to show video footage from the mountains during their newscasts. In addition a network of 100+ television stations has access to the video through the WeatherVision camera network.

Television Station Benefits:

• Ability to promote their local businesses
• Enhanced footage for news and weather coverage
• Live HD beauty shots during high viewership news segments

Resort Benefits:

• Increases branding for each resort
• Live video and promotion on two of the top 10 television stations in the nation
• Higher visitor numbers to each website
• Promotes the mountain and increases attendance

Live Streaming from Pocono Mountain Locations

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WM Technology’s unique camera network will help you generate marketing impressions that turn into viewers – and viewers that turn into visitors! WM Technology’s unique hardware and software combination allows for HD video output that will excite both destination members and potential visitors.