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Building Loyalty Through Weather Brand Identity

Many television stations consider branding as one of the most important elements of marketing the station. A TV station’s brand helps to attract potential viewers, establish viewer loyalty, increase credibility and ultimately generate revenue. Surely countless hours and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars have been spent developing your stations brand, but can you be doing more?

Expanding your station branding across all segments, including your weather identity, is a simple way to differentiate your station from the competition. If done correctly a solid weather brand can increase viewership, solidify your position as the news and weather leader and generate incremental revenue.

Check Out Some On-air Examples

Strong, consistent, branding enhances overall viewership. Building your brand helps to establish the reputation of the station and the weather segment. You want viewers to come back again and again, knowing that your station delivers the information they need. Turning regular viewers into loyal viewers is a key reason for building a strong brand identity.

When the competition gets tough a clear brand message and solid reputation as the news and weather leader will help protect you. People stick to what they know and tune in to the station they trust. A strong weather brand reminds viewers that when it matters most your station will provide the information on which they can rely. In some cases the sponsor logo can be tied into the station branding creating a more comprehensive presence and revenue potential.

Just as viewers watch the station they trust advertisers spend money with companies they trust. A strong brand is the first thing potential sponsors and advertisers see when making the decision to spend money. If the branding is solid across news segment and across platforms, from on-air to online businesses feel a great sense of security in their decision to invest money with your station.

The WeatherVision camera network opens up the opportunity for a station to create or further promote their weather identity. As the only remote location system designed specifically for broadcast stations station logos, graphics and data are seamlessly incorporated into the camera network both on-air and online allowing you to maintain the integrity of your station branding.

For over 14 years Weather Metrics has helped local television stations build networks of strategically placed, HD cameras to enhance the viewer experience and generate new revenue. Today, Weather Metrics helps more television stations deliver engaging live and local video for on-air and online viewing than any other company.