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Industry Focus: Cord Cutters

According to a report by Experian Marketing Services, the number of Americans who no longer subscribe to cable or satellite services has increased 44% in the past 4 years. That is 7.6 million households no longer turn on a cable box to view the latest local news. But, not having cable or satellite does not mean these people have stopped watching TV. “Cord cutters” are still viewing their local news – exploring how they are viewing can have significant revenue advantages for your station.


Today’s TV antennas are nothing like rabbit ears of the 60’s and 70’s. Digital antennae range in price from $20 to $150 and depending on the market can deliver up to 70 channels and the 2009 move to all digital means a better over the air signal with less noise. The “2013 Ownership Survey and Trend Report” provided some demographic information on OTA households. The study noted minority households accounted for 41% of all off-air households. The study also found Millennial households (headed by someone 18-34) and lower income households favored broadcast-only TV. What does all of that mean to local broadcasting? It represents a distinct advantage over cable advertising. Local broadcast advertising is able to deliver these specific audience types to advertisers as well as viewers who would never see their ad if it ran on cable.

Mobile/Tablet/Second Screen

The “2013 Ownership Survey and Trend Report” also found households where one of the residents owns a smartphone or tablet are at least 20 percent more likely to be a cord cutter. Even more interesting is the fact that smartphones are the most commonly used device to watch downloaded or streaming video. This ever growing number of viewers creates a new revenue stream for stations and captive audience for advertisers. The mobile video platform creates new revenue opportunities for stations and captive audience for advertisers.

Social Media

For cord cutters, as well as traditional viewers, social media sites are quickly become favored sources for news integrating camera images and video into the social media mix social allows local stations to become the first place people turn to for accurate breaking news and weather information. Local stations can use the social media news revolution as another way to connect with viewers, drive web traffic and in turn generate additional advertising dollars.

According to the Experian study, some 94% of adults watch some form of video content each week. Live programming and DVR recordings still hold major appeal with 1 in 6 adults watch at least 40 house of television weekly. While cable and satellite television viewers are still in the majority, the growing popularity of “cord cutting” is undeniable. The steady rise of connected devices that allow viewers access to video when & where they want is growing. Local broadcast stations should take advantage of this trend to connect with viewers around their community and tap into additional revenue dollars.

For over 14 years Weather Metrics has helped local television stations build networks of strategically placed, HD cameras to enhance the viewer experience and generate new revenue. Today, Weather Metrics helps more television stations deliver engaging live and local video for on-air and online viewing than any other company.