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Industry Focus: 3 Tactics for Higher Viewership

We all know that ratings can change careers and make or break a local station. Higher ratings obviously mean that more people watching your newscast. More people watching means more viewers watching sponsors and advertisers. And all of that means more revenue coming into your station! Saying you want more viewers is easier said than done. There are a finite number of news viewers in every DMA that for stations to fight over. Running image ads, connecting with the community and getting involved may be vital to increasing your viewership.

Consider an Image Ad Campaign

When was the last time you really examined your image and branding? Now might be the best time to review and make sure team is being perceived they way you intended. If you are not coming across the way you had hoped it may be time to consider a series of image ads. These ads are valuable in building long term viewer loyalty. The goal of an image ad is to build a long-term relationship between your station and the viewers and advertisers. Image ads are long term and are not intended to drive immediate results but they can have a substantial pay off over time.

Connect with the Community Stories

A straightforward way to bring in more viewers is by getting connected to the community. Consider more coverage of small communities around the area. Don’t just focus your stories on the core of your DMA. Covering areas and towns on the outskirts of your DMA shows potential viewers that you care about their community. People want to hear news stories from their neighborhood. They want to see the weather on the tower camera as it moves through their town* and the highlights of their high school football game. People are curious by nature and are more likely to tune in if you are showing what is happening down the street as well as across town. In addition to drawing in more viewers, covering more area also increases the number of potential advertisers.

See how WTVF used weather cameras to connect to their entire DMA. Click Here

Get Involved

In addition to the morning and evening news, being involved in the communities you reach can be key to increasing your viewership. Being involved can be anything from speaking at schools, to supporting a local charity, being MC at an event or even holding on-air or online competitions. The goodwill you bring to the people you interact with face-to-face will last far beyond the end of that single event. People will remember the goodwill your station brought long after the event has ended. Your news team and anchors are the face of your community and showing they care about the city and its people can be invaluable.

America’s broadcasters are a vital part of every community in the nation. You are the familiar faces and voices on viewers count on for what is happening in their part of town. You keep them informed of today’s events, report the scores of the local games and keep them updated during emergencies. Viewers are just as important to stations. Without them there would be no one to deliver reports to. What can you do to attract new viewers to your station or convince other viewers to switch to your broadcast?

For over 14 years Weather Metrics has helped local television stations build networks of strategically placed, HD cameras to enhance the viewer experience and generate new revenue. Today, Weather Metrics helps more television stations deliver engaging live and local video for on-air and online viewing than any other company.