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Industry Focus: Creative Partnerships

Broadcast partnerships can come in many shapes and sizes and can really help the station meet their goals. There are many ways that a television station can partner with businesses and individuals in the community to generate revenue, engage with viewers and enhance the news content.

Goal 1: Generate Revenue

Turn your sponsorships into partnerships by adding additional value to the sponsor. Beyond a simple logo on the overlay banner, partner with sponsors for more win-win. Allow the station to show the video stream on their website for use of the internet at the camera site. Offer online ad space or on-air mentions in return for web or mobile app design. Not only could that save the station the money that would have been paid for services rendered but it could also free up station personnel time for other projects.

Goal 2: Engage with Viewers

Partnering with companies in the community can generate revenue and/or save the station money while stimulating station loyalty. Become supporters of the local sports teams. Post local events on the station Facebook page. Stations can also join forces for information, for use as topic experts or the best places in town to install the new tower cameras. Viewers are more likely to tune in if they associate your station with their favorite stores, organizations, schools and businesses around the community.

Goal 3: Enhance Content

Partnering with local schools, clubs and charitable organizations is another good way to receive new, compelling content. Create a partnership with local philanthropies. Interviews, segments and stories (on-air and online) that feature these organizations are mutually beneficial. The organization gets publicity for their cause and the station receives a regular story/segment for the newscast. And, partnering with the viewers themselves can produce a surplus of new and unique content. Every viewer that contributes a sunset picture, weather observation, or an eyewitness cell phone video is a partner in content creation.

Partnership as defined by Wikipedia: “A partnership is an arrangement where parties, known as partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. The partners in a partnership may be individuals, businesses, interest-basedorganizations, schools, governments or combinations thereof.” There is no wrong with to create partnerships with in your community. It simply takes thinking about things in a new way.