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Industry Focus: 3 Lessons from Brand Legends

Many television stations consider branding as one of the most important elements of marketing the station. A TV station’s brand helps to attract potential viewers, establish viewer loyalty, increase credibility and ultimately generate revenue. Becoming an enduring brand with a loyal viewer following starts early and takes a lot of time and effort. There are three elements common to successful consumer brands that are relevant to local broadcast stations. These three concepts can help your station become legendary.

Outstanding Brands Connect

The best brands in the world connect with customers. For example Whole Foods has created a unique food-buying environment with a loyal customer base that willingly pays more for products. Whole Foods understands that it is not just selling groceries; it is supporting a health and wellness lifestyle. They know their target audience and focus on them.

This is something that local stations do quite a bit whether they realize it or not. Stations tend to focus on the topics and style of reporting that their audience wants. Some viewers only want breaking news while others would rather watch human interest pieces. Focusing on what your viewers are looking for and delivering those types of stories will help you connect and ultimately acquire more viewers.

Exceptional Brands Anticipate Needs

Better than giving customers what they want is anticipating what future needs might be. Amazon is the quintessential example of this by offering intuitive purchasing suggestions. This allows the retailer to drive sales and enhance the user experience.

Local broadcasters can anticipate the needs of viewers as well in how the news is delivered. As the expert in the market, local stations know more about their viewer than anyone. Are your viewers really looking towards your social media for more information? Do viewers want more graphics and data? Take a deeper look and determine not what the viewers are asking for, but what they will be asking for in a month or a year and deliver it now. Anticipating their needs will allow you to embrace more viewers and by extension generate more revenue.

Legendary Brands Focus on Quality

There is not one premium consumer product that exists without constant dedication to product quality. Disney is one of the best known examples of product quality. For almost a century the Disney Company’s dedication to excellence has earned them a global reputation for quality service and exceptional user experience.

Quality and integrity are the first things all broadcasters learn. These two things, while they seem obvious are actually critical and worth repeating. Quality in everything a station does determines their reputation in the community and reputation is everything. Battling a negative brand perception is even harder than building a brand. Other stations are always ready to step in to impress viewers if you aren’t.

There are a lot of things broadcasters can learn from successful consumer brands. As a local news station, every newscast, every story is the product you deliver to your viewers. Connecting with viewers, anticipating their needs and always focusing on the quality of the product you deliver will solidify your position as the news and weather leader in your area.