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Industry Focus: Mobile Video and the Local Broadcaster

June 2013

Pew Research Center reports over 91% of Americans own a cell phone and an astounding 61% of those are Smartphones. Another report shows that 34% own a tablet like an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc. The Nielsen Q1 Cross Platform Report found that the number of people watching video on a mobile device jumped to 45.319 million from 35.967 million a year ago! (125% increase!)

So what does the widespread mobile device use and high demand for mobile video mean to local broadcasters?

Quite simply, the increased mobile viewership allows stations to reach people far beyond their television screen. Mobile video provides a chance for each station to generate new advertising dollars, connect with a wider segment of the community and extend station branding beyond the living room.

The mobile video platform creates a new revenue opportunities for stations and captive audience for advertisers. Each day more and more people watch streaming video on their tablets and Smartphones. This ever growing number of viewers creates a new revenue stream for stations and captive audience for advertisers. A station can increase revenue through additional advertising and interactive sponsorships on mobile devices.

By placing remote cameras around the DMA for use on-air and online, a WeatherVision camera network with StreamVision delivers non-branded, high quality, streaming video 24×7. The system creates multiple opportunities for sponsorships allowing each station to customize the viewing experience around the streaming video to meet the needs of their advertisers and generate new station revenue. By creating custom landing pages and banners for advertisers that feature streaming video of their location stations can combine revenue generating location sponsorship with content.

Mobile lets you connect with the viewers all day. The Council for Research Excellence recently reported findings that 22% of tablet and 28% of Smartphone video view occurred during the daytime from 9am – 3pm. People are away from the home but not willing to miss breaking news, weather and other important information. With mobile video options a station can stay connected to the viewers throughout the day, not just during the morning and evening news.

StreamVision is a straightforward way to deliver LIVE broadcast quality video online from around the community and beyond to viewers’ Smartphone or tablets connecting them to what is happening around the community at times that are convenient for them.

Mobile video helps your station stand out in the market and extends branding with constantly changing, dynamic content on the viewer’s mobile device wherever they are. Expanding your station branding to mobile video, is a simple way to differentiate your station from the competition, increase viewership, solidify your position as the news and weather leader, generate content that is unique to your brand, and most importantly build new revenue opportunities on an emerging platform

StreamVision brings exciting live video from around town that can’t be viewed anywhere else. In addition to the video streams from around the DMA, StreamVision can provide unique short-term event video. Stream live video from fairs, concert venues, ski parks and much more. WeatherVision cameras can be set up and on the web in less than 24 hours to deliver video from new locations.

Each community is different and presents unique challenges and opportunities for mobile video presentation and sponsorships. As a local broadcaster, you know your community best and what is the best interest for your station. If you have not yet explored all of the options available for mobile video, now is the perfect time – your viewers are waiting.

For over 14 years Weather Metrics has helped local television stations build networks of strategically placed, HD cameras create live, local video that enhance the viewer experience and generate new revenue. Today, Weather Metrics helps more television stations deliver engaging live and local video for on-air and online viewing than any other company. For information on Weather Metrics revenue generating products, click here