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Industry Focus: Olympic Mindset

All Olympic athletes understand that being good is not enough. To even have a chance at Olympic glory, athletes have to be remarkable. The best in local broadcasting know the same thing. It is not enough to deliver a report. They have trained to dig deeper, get a better angle and tell a better story. There are three key characteristics shared by world-class athletes and top local broadcasters.

They Think Big

No competitor in the history of the Olympics has ever thought “I am here to compete for the bronze”. Olympians think big! They dream about bringing home the gold. Local broadcasters all want their station to be number one in their market. Local broadcasters have to “think big”. What is your big dream? Is it to completely overhaul your studio and equipment? Do you want to win a News & Documentary Emmy? Are you dreaming of landing that prestigious account? Whatever your gold medal happens to be you have to think big! You will never even come close if you are willing to settle for mediocre.

They Are Coachable

Most people will only accept the amount of coaching their egos will allow. Champions like Olympic athletes know that to succeed they must be open to world-class coaching and willing to take advice. The greats in broadcasting recognize this too. To be the best local broadcasters have to be willing to ask for, and accept, advice from those who are experts in their fields. Being able to identify those experts and trusted advisors, and learn from their coaching, is key to any distinguished broadcast career.

They Embrace Conflict

When most people run into an obstacle, they run away. Olympic athletes push forward when a barrier presents itself and learn all they can from the challenge. They know facing adversity is part of being successful. For broadcasters hurdles come in all shapes and sizes but all present a learning opportunity. Maybe the hurdle is a lofty sales goal. Maybe the challenge is new station ownership or change in management. Maybe the conflict is new software or equipment. Being able to rise to the test and learn from each situation is how truly talented people shine.

The Winter Olympics may only take place every two years. And the athletes only have that one month to shine. But the mindset, passion and drive of a true broadcast champion continues all year long

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