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Resort & Ski Solutions

Resort Visicam specializes in HD camera networks ideal for resort and ski area security, risk management, operations and promotion. Featured at hundreds of resort and destination attractions around the US the Resort Visicam camera network provides the best quality video in the industry. The HD cameras are ideal for promotional live website streaming as well as crystal clear security footage. The quality is so far beyond your typical DIY solution that video can be used by local television stations for additional on-air promotion.

Here are some examples:

LIVE stream:

July 6th, 2017 – Afternoon at the wave pool:


Promotion – Use the unique camera network system to generate excitement with potential visitors through live video streaming and local television partnerships.

Risk Management – Strategically placed and user friendly cameras around your location allow you to identify, assess and prioritize potential vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Security – The Weather Metrics security camera system provides unparalleled video quality ensuring you have a clear view on the security and safety of your staff and guests while monitoring inventory and reducing theft.

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