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Industry Focus: Revisit Resolutions

Summer is coming to a close. The kids are heading back to school. Time to revisit the stations goals and resolutions you made back in January. Are you on track to accomplish everything you had hoped? If not, don’t worry. There is still time! What resolution do you still have to accomplish?

Resolution 1: Increase Viewership

Ratings can change careers and make or break a local station. But saying you want more viewers is easier said than done.

A straightforward and budget friendly way to bring in more viewers, without a large time commitment, is to get connected with viewers in outlying communities. Don’t just focus your stories on the core of your DMA. Covering areas and towns on the outside of your metro shows viewers that you care about them as well. People want to hear news stories from where they live and work. They want to see video from the tower camera down the street. People are curious by nature and are more likely to tune in if you are showing what is happening in their neighborhood as well as across town. In addition to drawing in more viewers, covering more area also increases the number of potential advertisers.

Resolution 2: Increase Revenue

Increasing advertising inventory through sponsorships can quickly help you meet station goals of generating more revenue by the end of the year. Think about your current inventory. Are there places where you could add a sponsorship campaign?

In-segment sponsorship can be quick and simple. It appeals to advertisers because their company/logo is associated with coveted locations in the newscast. Traffic and weather segments, two of the highest watched segments in local broadcast, provide a strong opportunity for local sponsorships. Review your online sponsorship offerings too. Add streaming video or special feature pages online and include new sponsorship opportunities to increase station revenue.

Resolution 3: Increase Web Traffic

Online news consumption continues to rise and increased traffic is one of the top priorities of all websites. Television stations need to constantly update their web and mobile offerings to stay ahead of the curve.

Adding pages or updating pages on your site to cover special events or feature streaming video doesn’t just increase station revenue. Streaming LIVE video provides viewers with content beyond the traditional broadcast boundaries and can be a fast and cost-effective way to add new content to your website. The very nature of the word ‘live’ indicates that what viewers are seeing will only happen once. If they are not there watching it the first time they run the risk of missing out on something. These new/updated pages provide new content for online visitors allowing them to visit more often, more pages, ingest more content and stay on your website longer.