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Industry Focus: Sponsorship

Could you generate an additional $500,000 a year in your newscast?

For many years the division between the sales department and news room has maintained a strict division similar to the division of “Church and State”. Generally speaking news directors and journalists view sponsorships as having the potential to interfere with the journalistic integrity of the news content. Despite delivering valuable new revenue, if done incorrectly, the concern is in content sponsorships have the potential to devalue the overall news content. Sales departments can view some of these objections as obstacles to generating new revenue for the station. When done correctly, television stations can generate revenue through effective sponsorships without sacrificing the quality of the news product.

On-Air Sponsorships

The problem with on-air sponsorships is that if you are not careful they can become paid content that looks like news. Certain segments however are better suited for sponsorship without running the risk of news bias. Traffic and weather segments, two of the highest watched segments in local broadcast, provide a strong opportunity for local sponsorships. The forecast and traffic conditions are not affected by their relationship to the sponsor.

Online Sponsorships

Online sponsorships can tie into the traffic and weather on-air sponsorships by providing advertisers with another outlet to deliver their message.. Again, sections like these are newsworthy but not affected by the sponsor relationship. Online sponsorships and advertising can also be attributed to sections that only exist online like events calendars, job opportunities, movie reviews, school closings, etc.

Mobile Sponsorships

Local broadcasters already offer organic, content-rich media, which is a natural tie to the web and mobile content. Mobile is another way for local broadcasting stations to further engage with viewers on a device that delivers content 24/7 anywhere the view is located. Sponsorships on mobile devices are generally an extension of on-air sponsorships. This allows sponsors to communicate with station viewers through the television brand viewers already trust.

Each community is different and presents unique challenges and opportunities for sponsorships. As a local broadcaster, you know your community best and what combination of on-air, online and mobile sponsorships be in the best interest for your station. It may be worth a meeting between news and sales departments to discuss which sponsorship options could benefit everyone.

For over 14 years Weather Metrics has helped local television stations build networks of strategically placed, HD cameras to enhance the viewer experience and generate new revenue. Today, Weather Metrics helps more television stations deliver engaging live and local video for on-air and online viewing than any other company.

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