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WM Technology & Travel Michigan

As you may have heard, WM Technology’s camera systems are ideal for destination promotion. The LIVE cameras are perfect for exposing more viewers to your destination than ever before with dynamic web streaming. And, the video quality makes them perfect for live promotional television broadcasts. WM Technology can help you optimize your membership ad dollars with solutions that generate marketing impressions that turn viewers that turn into visitors!

Check out this video on the success Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau saw with their camera network!

They have seen outstanding success using LIVE video from mountain destinations integrated into partner television stations’ influential news and weather segments. The marketing impressions generated for the Pocono Mountains in NYC, their #1 targeted market helped them generate over 18 million web hits and increase lodging revenue by over 12%!

How the DMO Benefits

- A unique visual presentation that excites both destination members
and potential visitors
– System is expandable to include all or some member organizations
– Offers multiple levels of product placement to fit your market need
– Provides another feature to present as additional membership benefit
– Drives economic success by exposing more potential visitors to your market

How the Destination Benefits

- Provides a new way to show destination features more vividly
– Live video allows the visitor to experience the location before they arrive
– Creates new and effective product placement opportunities
– Video validates and strengthens the reputation of the destination
– Create “the” experience before the experience

Examples from the Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau

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